All About Hardwood Floors

stained hardwood floor

For centuries, hardwood floors have remained homeowners’ favorite flooring choice. Hardwood floors are actually the most beautiful focal points of a house. There are different types of wood so you choose the one that pleases you. You can get then finished in just any color you like. These floors are traffic resistant and durable with proper maintenance and care. Continue reading this article to find out why you should consider hardwood floors in the first place and how you should care for them. 

Advantages of hardwood floors

Aesthetics: you cannot deny the beauty of hardwoods no matter what. Hardwoods represent nature in all its glory. Besides, you can refinish the hardwood floor with any color, thus adding more beauty.

Maintenance: as soon as you get that hardwood floor installed, you’ll discover how easy it is to clean and maintain. Hardwoods have special properties that make them dirt resistant. It’s amazing how stains don’t tick on hardwood floors. Ad what more? Hardwood floors don’t fade, unlike other floors. They retain their color for a very long time. 

Health: the fact that hardwoods don’t trap dirt makes them a healthy choice for everyone. You’ll have fresher and cleaner air in the house and this is especially important for people with respiratory problems or allergies and to young children whose immune system is not strong yet.

Versatility: hardwoods some of the most versatile gifts of nature, you’ll barely find any two hardwoods that look the same. This means that every house, depending on the wood chosen, will have a unique look as far as the floor is concerned.

Durability: hardwoods, just as the name describes, are hard and sturdy. This characteristic makes them resistant to scratches and dents, which may occur anytime as you carry on your daily procedure in the house. When you accidentally drop something on the floor, the hardwood floor remains as fine as it was. Besides, this kind of floor can withstand very heavy furniture that other floors might not contain. 

Caring for hardwood floors 

1. Cleaning regularly 

Cleaning your hardwood on a regular basis is important to remove the dust and dirt and any other form of dirt. Knowing how to clean hardwoods is the most important thing. You can sweep off dusty areas on a weekly basis or on any other day that you have an event that leaves the area dusty.

You might prefer vacuuming to sweeping because vacuuming pulls all the dust and dirt in between the boards. When you need in-depth cleaning, you should use a method that is appropriate. There are products that are specifically designed for hardwood cleaning. 

2. Refinishing

If you have a shabby hardwood floor, the best improvement you can do is to refinish the floor. With refinishing, you begin by removing furniture and drapes in the house. You then move on to repairing and sealing any vents in the room so that dust doesn’t spread in the room. Once you are done, complete by polishing and cleaning the dust that had got into the room from the floor and then reapplying the sealer. 

3. Ongoing protection 

In as much as regular cleaning, repairing, and refinishing are important maintenance activities, there are other protective measures you should take to preserve the aesthetic value of your hardwood floor:

– On areas with high traffic and the areas with regular spills, you need to use mats and area rugs. However, you need to move these rugs on a regular basis to ensure that the areas you’ve covered remain the same color with the exposed area. Cotton rugs are the best because they don’t trap water inside them which can destroy your floor. 

– If anything spills on your floor, clean it up with a dry cloth or paper towel. A sticky spill can be wiped using dumb clothing but then the area must be dried immediately with another dry cloth

– If you have pets in the house, ensure that their nails are always trimmed. They can scratch and destroy your hardwood floor. 

– If you have high heeled shoes, keep them in good shape else they’ll form gorges on your floor. Stilettos are also not compatible with hardwood floors.

– Do not drag furniture or other items when moving them. Lift them gently to avoid gorges and scratches. 


Hardwood floors have great advantages to offer. With proper care and maintenance, the floor will maintain its beauty and enhance the décor of your house.

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