About Golocal Tacoma


I remember the days when I used to visit my Grandpa and watched him work on a home improvement project in his garage. No matter how small or big the project was, I would always see that glint in his eye and the joyful expression on his face once the project gets completed.

He always had something lined up and even allowed me to work on them whenever time permitted me to do so. Little by little I looked forward to the days when I can get to visit him and join him on his latest home improvement project.

Grandpa has since moved on but his love for home improvement projects has been passed onto me.

I know, there are hundreds of persons, like me, who are interested in home improvement projects that led me to create this blog. You can either be a do it yourselfer or you might want to hire somebody else to do the project for you. Regardless of how you want to proceed, Golocal Tacoma will aim to please.

I’ll be providing you with tutorials, tips, and tricks to get the most out of your DIY projects. Looking for a contractor for a bigger home improvement project? I’ll give provide you with the most recommended contractors available.

My name is James Crenshaw and I invite you to join me as I take on home improvement projects a day at a time.