At Golocal Tacoma, we know that getting the word out about your products through advertisement is important to your business, which is why we have several forms of advertisements that you can choose from.

Sponsored Product Review

Nothing advertises best than word of mouth. I’ll be happy to test your product in exchange for an honest review. Should you wish to have a video incorporated in the review, I can also make it happen for a minimal fee.

Product Giveaway

Care to share? Product giveaways also works as a great advertising tool. You can have this as an add-on to a sponsored product review or you can request for a simple blog post. Either way, I’m sure my readers will be happy to hear about this.

Medium Rectangle (300×250)

Placed at the top right of the web page and can be booked on a monthly basis.

Leaderboard (728×90)

Placed at the top or the bottom of the web page and can be booked on a monthly basis.

Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

Placed at the right side of the web page. This is a PPC form of advertisement with rotations every 2 weeks. Available slots have been limited to 5 to guarantee enough exposure for each interested party.

Once you’ve set your mind on which advertisement you wish to subscribe to, send me an email so we can further discuss the final details.