Being a part of Go Local and Local activities give you the exposure that you are looking for you business. Also, it puts you in contact with other successful entrepreneurs. Build your Business reputation as a Local Business that gives back to the Community which builds Loyalty.

Be on a Committee

This will help you be in the nuts and bolts of Go Local. You won’t miss any important opportunities because you will be in the planning!     Contact us about being on a committee!

Be on the Go Local Board

This is a great opportunity to see the organizational framework and building the future of Go Local. Add Board experience to your resume!     Contact us for more information on being on our board!

Be a Sustaining Partner

Do you have a talent or skill that you would like to use in partnering with Go Local?     Let’s Talk!

Sponsorship of a Go Local Event

Our events are well attended with high visibility in the community.    Let us know if you would like to be a sponsor!

Be a Supporter

If you would like to support us by donation, we can accept donations via paypal: We appreciate any amount – no amount would be too small!

Go Local is a funding component of Greater Tacoma Community Foundation which may make your donation tax deductible which can be verified through a tax consultant.

Attend Shop Talks

Tacoma Shop Talks are various locations on the 4th Thursday of most months. Shop talks are posted on our website calendar and also at    Let us know if you would like to host a Shop Talk!

Be connected through our blog, social media & Shop Talk

Shooting the SHIFT

Shooting the SHIFT
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