Go Local’s vision:
Building Community that supports and is supported By Local Independent Business!


Local Independent Businesses provides the Smart Growth that is sustainable Home-Grown growth for our community.

Go Local is building an Alternative to Big-Boxes for our Community. We are FOR Local Independent Business and their positive impact on our local community, both economically and socially. Spending a dollar in a Local Independent Business means 1/3 more of your money stays in our local economy (.68 vs. .43), and it circulates two times more than the same dollar spent in a big box store that sends their profits to another state. Go Local is choosing to take the path of educating our community on how we vote with our dollar, as well as continue to provide access to the multitude of unique and innovative businesses in Tacoma that are independently owned.


The Andersonville Study of Retail Economics

Education about the effects of the Big Box Stores in Communities

Big Box Tool Kit website

Go Local Programs

Shift Your Shopping

Going Local is about a shift in your buying habits – to think “Local” first. Additionally, in November and December there is a collaborative effort of Independent Business Alliances across the country in a national “Shift Your Shopping” campaign.

How do you know if a local business is an Independent Business?

Take a look at  Our Local Business Directory – Through this directory you will know who is really local.