How to Create an Accent Tile Backsplash Using Dollar Store Gems

How to Create an Accent Tile Backsplash Using Dollar Store Gems

Learning how to create a beautiful accent tile backsplash on your bathroom or kitchen sink using dollar store gems is quite easy and budget-friendly.

You’ll need:

Bags of gems available in dollar stores
Grout applicator
Clean dry cloth or rag
Clean wet cloth or rag
Rubber gloves


Purchase 2 or more bags of dollar store gems in the color that you want, depending on the size of the area you’ll be decorating.

The grout you’ll be purchasing can be ready-to-apply or if you are on a budget, you can choose one that requires you to prepare it on your own. In case you didn’t purchase ready-to-apply grout, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you’re good.

Prepare the surface are where you will be applying the grout by making sure that it is free of grease and dust.

Wear the rubber gloves.

Using the grout applicator, evenly apply a thin amount of grout on the wall making sure that it can firmly hold the gems. If you are not sure of the thickness, apply a small amount of grout on the tile with your desired thickness then attach 1-2 gems by firmly pressing them onto the grout.

Continue applying the grout and the gems one section at a time. Take note that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the pattern. You are only limited by your imagination.

Once you have completely covered the area that you wish to decorate, allow it to dry for 1-2 hours.

Reapply the grout, making sure that all spaces in-between the gems are covered. Leave it to partially dry for 30 minutes.

Using a clean wet cloth, gently wipe the excess grout so the gems will show through.

Congratulations! You’re all done, and you now have a beautiful sink accent in either your bathroom or kitchen.