Shift Your Shopping brings big opportunities for small businesses

Thank you for Shifting Your Shopping and joining us in shifting those dollars to locally owned, independent businesses. Based on studies of similar efforts, we’ve likely generated 2-3 times as much economic activity in our community than if we had spent our money at a national chain. Across North America, that could mean billions of dollars of economic impact.

Go Local is proud to have of our record to put Tacoma – Pierce County in the Shift Your Shopping movement early and produce a strong participation in our Community to Go Local!


It’s a shift in the way we think. It’s a shift in the way we do business. It’s a shift in the way we relate, eat, drink, buy, spend, communicate and build the future of our community.


It’s a shift in our priorities – one that puts local living first. It’s the kind of of shift that’s changing the world one community at a time.